“I travelled for two years in Tibet…visiting Lhassa…I then passed through Persia, looked in at Mecca, paid a visit to Khartoum…research in…Montpellier, in the south of France.” EMPT

The Petrels are taking a hiatus of sorts. However, wherever your travels lead you, be sure to return for the annual Petrel BBQ and croquet on the “Borders of Surrey” on August 15th. (3:00 pm)

“…a couple of brace of woodcock, a pheasant, and a pate de fois gras pie with a group of ancient and cobwebby bottles.”

“Doyle once wrote of Sherlock Holmes…I feel towards him as I do towards pate de fois gras, of which I once ate too much, so that the name of it gives me a sickly feeling to this day.” (reported in Hesketh Pearson, Conan Doyle New York: Walker & Co. 1961)

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