Did you know that the original title for “A Study in Scarlet” was “A Tangled Skein”?

Did you know that Dr. Watson was originally named Ormond Sacker and Sherlock Holmes was Sherrinford Holmes?

Did you also know that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had difficulty getting his story published until it was finally accepted by Ward, Lock & Company in 1886 who told him: “We have read your story and are pleased with it. We could not publish it this year as the market is flooded at present with cheap fiction…”

Conan Doyle sold the rights to “A Study in Scarlet” to Ward Lock & Company for 25 pounds and the adventure finally appeared in print in Beeton’s Christmas Annual one year later.

This story gives us our first glimpse into the world of Holmes and Watson. An introduction to the world’s first consulting detective.

Find out more about the first meeting of the great detective and his biographer at the next regular meeting of the Stormy Petrels on Tuesday, September 6th at 7:00 pm.

The story for discussion is, of course, “Study in Scarlet” and we will begin with part one.

The meeting will take place at the home of our own “Gloria Scott” who has graciously agreed to take on the role of our Priory Schoolmaster, following in the footsteps of Peter Wood, who we unfortunatley lost earlier this month.

For more information, and the whereabouts of the next meeting, please contact your Consulting Detective at our g-mail address.

“The game is afoot!”

One thought on “SEPTEMBER 2011 MEETING

  1. p.s. I just read the news about Peter. So sad. God Bless you Audrey and family. May Peter Rest In Peace.

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