The next regular meeting of the Stormy Petrels of BC will take place on November 1st at 7:00 pm at Hampton Place. Please contact your Consulting Detective for exact address details.

We will continue with our study of part three of “A Study in Scarlet”

Thank you to Gloria Scott for hosting our previous two meetings.

Have you ordered your copy of “The Narrative of John Smith”? This novel is Arthur Conan Doyle’s lost first novel and has just been published for the first time.

There are many new Sherlock Holmes pastiches available. You can check out the list at Classic Specialties”

A new book titled “Mr. S” (suitable for all ages) is also available. You can check out Daniel Adams website at:

Henry Zecher, who will be attending the Gillette to Brett conference, has received excellent reviews for his book “William Gillette, America’s Sherlock Holmes”

There is still time to sign a petition to award Jeremy Brett a posthumous BAFTA at

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