We are on our last study session of STUD. Next on our list of cannonical contemplations will be SIGN.

We will be breaking the story up into two sessions. The first will be chapters 1 – 7. I will be giving you all a lession plan at the next meeting (Nov. 1 at Hampton Place).

Len has done a terrific job of presenting his favourite story, STUD. Having the lectures reproduced in the Petrel Flyer has given us the added advantage of being able to refer back to his lectures as we read the story.

I would like each of you to let me know what stories you would enjoy presenting so that I do not prepare them as well. SPEC is already spoken for.

Thank you,
Orilea M. “Gloria Scott”

On a side note: the correct link to the petition to award Jeremy Brett a posthumous BAFTA is: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/jbbafta3

only until October 31st.
Thanks, Monique