The next gathering of the Stormy Petrels of BC will take place at the lovely North Vancouver home of our own “Gloria Scott” at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, December 6th.

There will be no case for discussion and members are encouraged to bring a guest (and an appetizer to share)

Our Petrel tree will make an appearance adorned with items (ornaments and such) reflecting some of the cases from the Canon.

My aim is to eventually have all 60 adventures represented.

Decorating the branches to date we have:

Five orange pips
A bicycle
A photo of the Queen
A Christmas goose
A speckled band
A tie-pin, emeraled green.

A coronet
Some dancing men
The devil’s hound – it’s true!
A fat cockroach
An old clay pipe
A carbuncle or two.

A deep-red cardinal Tosca
A magnifying glass
A mazarine stone and mogul
Pince-nez, gold, not brass.

A violin, a man’s lost thumb
A big fat honey bee
A silhousette and deerstalk’ cap
Atop our Petrel tree.
(F.Martin – 1999)

There are at least a dozen stories represented here. Can you name them? The person who can name the most at the December jollification shall be rewarded with a lovely prize.

Please join us. If you need more info or directions, please contact your “Consulting Detective” (Fran) or “Gloria Scott” (Orilea)

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