Sixteen Stormy Petrels enjoyed a very festive evening at the home of Orilea (aka “Gloria Scott”) and her always-charming husband.

The Petrel tree was adorned, once more, with a variety of Sherlockian ornaments (supervised by Elsa)

Tables were laden with various delicious appetizers and beverages to every one’s delight.

Throughout, one could spy Sherlockian and Doylean books. A portrait of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle graced the wall opposite the fireplace, where a crackling fire welcomed all who entered the room.

This was a perfect ending to a very busy and successful Petrel year.

The new year will begin with our annual tribute to Sherlock Holmes in the way of a luncheon in honour of his birthday.

Please join us at the White Spot (near Stanley Park) at 11:00 on January 7, 2012.

If you want to get a start on the next case for discussion, please read “The Sign of Four”.

The next regular meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 7:00 pm chez Wood.

If you require additional information, please contact me, Your Consulting Detective (aka Fran the Hoffmann Barcarolle.

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