Several requests have come to the attention of The Stormy Petrels:
1. Papers (between 1,500-2,500 words) are sought for a special issue of OSCHALARS, edited by Karen Devlin.
Subjects may include, but are not limited to:
– ACD and Scotland
– ACD and Ireland
– ACD and his contemporaries
– The Sherlockian phenomenon
– the influence of Maupassant on ACD
– the literary legacy of ACD
– Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot
Send abstracts (approx 250 words) to Karen at: before May 30th.
2. Request from The Diogenese Club of Dallas:
They are asking Sherlockians to let them know:  given the chance to receive and keep any memento from the original Canon, what would you choose? The item must be from the original stories (not from a pastiche, movie or other media) and you must keep the item for the rest of your life (not to be re-sold)
If you wand to participate, send your feedback to:


3.  Received from The Musgraves Sherlock Holmes Society:  a 26-page spiral-bound publication containing Sherlock Holmes picture puzzles.  These puzzles (each a kind of rebus featuring Holmes) were published in various American newspapers in 1905.  A lot of fun, but not so easy to solve.
If you would like to secure your own copy, please let me know, and I will pass along the details.

4.  Invitation from Roger Johnson, of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London, to take part in a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle weekend in Haslemere, Surrey, England, via The Haslemere Visitor Info Centre.
The festivities, honouring ACD and his detective  take place June 15-17.  This is where Conan Doyle penned many of his most well-known stories, including “The Hound of the Baskervilles”
If you are in England during that weekend, it is assured that you will be most welcomed.
Please contact me  for additional info.
*It is interesting to note that just south of Vancouver is a suburb of Surrey where there is an area called Hazelmere.

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