“May I introduce you to Sherlock Holmes?”
Roger and Jean have taken us to the beginning. From the reason for delay in the publication of the first Sherlock Holmes case to the most recent small-screen production, internet sites and blogs.

This very informative book will please both the well-seasoned and the up-and-coming Sherlockian alike.

There are answers to questions most of us have either asked or have been asked over the years.

You will find all sorts of important info you will need at the ready in your ‘brain attic’ including lists, all nicely categorized, of reference books, societies, collections, locations of statues dedicated to the great detective, etc.

An added bonus is the wealth of photographs from Bell to Cumberbatch.

I find this book a valuable asset and have referred to it many times. It would be an asset to any library.

Fran M.