Pictured above are: Krista, Ryan, Len and Elsa

Twenty-two members and guests enjoyed a marvelous meal; toasted The Queen, Sherlock Holmes and others; received gifts of Stormy Petrel pens and hand-crafted Sherlockian bookmarks (thanks the Elsa) and were entertained by the “Petrel Players”.

Len recruited volunteers for “How They Met” and “How Watson Learned the Trick”. The Petrel Players performed “The Petrel Band” which was presented at a dinner 20 years ago. We all took part in the classic Victorian parlour game, charades, using the titles of several stories of the ‘canon’.

The evening concluded with the reading of Vincent Starrett’s sonnet, “221b” by Fran and Len after which, the Stormy Petrels slowly left the officer’s lounge of Bessborough Armory.

Plans are already underfoot for the next dinner. If you are planning to be in Vancouver next March, I do hope you will join us.