1.  “The Game’s Afoot” – July 10-18

Peninsula Productions present the Canadian premiere of Ken Ludwig’s play.

Set in 1936 at Gillette Castle, Connecticut, a guest of the castle is murdered, and the world-renowned actor, William Gillette resumes his role as Sherlock Holmes to solve the crime.

The Playhouse is located at 1532 Johnston Road, White Rock.

2. “Reichenbach Falls” Excursion –  July 13

After our ceremonial wreath-toss and picnic, (please see the previous post) we make our way to “Toad Hall” with a slight detour to visit the grave-site of Margaret Denison, mother of Vincent Starrett.  We will show our respects by reciting her son’s poem, “221b” and remembering what a great influence she was on her son’s life. If anyone requires a ride, please let me know.

3. “Classic Movie Night”- July 26

Once again, we will enjoy a classic Sherlockian movie at The Tapestry at Wesbrook Village. Refreshments will be served at 6:00 and the movie will begin to roll at 7:00.

The Tapestry is located at UBC, Wesbrook Mall, just south of 16th Ave.

For further info or questions, please feel free to contact me,


  1. Fran: I can see Shannon Falls provincial Park on the map, off 99, north of Horseshoe Bay.

    Is there any particular route to follow once we enter the park to get to the picnic area (for 10am)?


    Roy and Gail

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