This amazing, interactive exhibit is happening now in Portland, Oregon at the science museum.
You can visit it at this location until January 5, 2014 before it moves on to Columbus, Ohio.

The exhibit features original manuscripts and period artifacts, investigative tools and crime-solving opportunities. Participate in experiments.

Visit Dr. Conan Doyle’s study; visit the sitting room at 221b; visit the gallery which houses a collection of Sherlockiana, including games, comics, magazines, radio broadcasts, movie clips, and television shows.

Being provided with a book of clues, visitors will be able tap into their own powers of observation to solve a new Sherlock Holmes mystery written by Daniel Stashower.

Please visit their website at for more info and to view pictures and videos.

Tickets can also be purchased online.

Thank you to Petrel friend, Brenda for having sent this info.

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