GEDC0449 “Then your eyes fixed themselves upon your newly framed picture of General Gordon…Your eyes flashed across to the unframed portrait of Henry Ward Beecher which stands upon the top of your books.”

“… a melancholy tale of alcoholism, marital infidelity, love turned to hatred, and violent death.” – Steve Clarkson, 1999

“Suffice it to say, it’s one of the most savage tales in the canon.” – Sonia Fetherston, 1997

“Arthur Conan Doyle chose to suppress the story soon after its publication, not to restore it for 23 years.  In 1903, ACD said: ‘…a tale involving s_x was out of place in a collection designed for boys.’” – Christopher Redmond   (from “The Sherlock Holmes Handbook”)

If you have not yet deduced it, the story for discussion will be “The Cardboard Box

Date:  Tuesday, December 3

Time:  7:00 pm

Place: Hampton Place lounge

Any questions?  I am all ears!