Stormy Petrel Gordon Roberts (Dr. Watson) informs us that “Holmes and Watson Save the Empire” again this year.

How do they do it? Come find out on January 22 – 25 (with a special 2pm Thursday matinee) at the Kay Meek Centre Studio Theatre in West Vancouver (box office: 604-981-6335) or:

In Chilliwack (March 7th) or:

Surrey Arts Centre (March 8th) 604-501-5566

Coquitlam (April 1 – 5)

A musical-comedy-mystery featuring the famous duo as they endeavour to squash Moriarty’s evil plan to topple Queen Victoria’s Empire.

Damon Calderwood as Holmes and the Stormy Petrels’ own Gordon Roberts as Dr. Watson deliver excellent performances.

Several Stormy Petrels enjoyed the play a year ago in Deep Cove. It is certainly a must-see! Highly recommended!

For further details, call the appropriate box office number for tickets or check the ACEproductions website at:

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