Along with our monthly regular meetings, the Stormy Petrels had a very busy year.

We attended three plays: “Holmes and Watson Save the Empire” featuring our own Petrel Gordon Roberts as Dr. Watson. “The Game is Afoot” in which we got to know a little more about William Gillette. “The Hound of the Baskervilles” in which two actors took on all the roles.

Our 25th “Master’s Dinner” was held in March in the officer’s lounge of the Bessborough Armories.

Our May meeting was a triple-feature, taking place at three different locations in New Westminster. First, meeting at a bookshop, second strolling down to the Burr (as in Raymond – who was born in New Westminster) Theatre, currently under renovations. Here we were met by our member Tim who had arranged for a tour and snacks. Lastly, we all walked across the street to “Sherlock’s Cafe” where proprietor Andy had coffee and tea ready for us. Here we held a regular study session amid British sweets and treats.

“Reichenbach Fall” (aka Shannon Falls) was re-visited in July and the ceremonial wreath was tossed into the turbulent stream by Fran.

Thanks to our member Brian, we held our annual Classic Movie Night at the Tapestry at UBC. After an introduction by Len, we, along with guests, enjoyed two classic Sherlock Holmes movies.

In August, a small delegation (Len, Elsa and Fran) met in Minneapolis to attend the excellent conference hosted by the Norwegian Explorers. Many wonderful guest speakers and a tour of the caverns below the University, which houses the great John Bennett Shaw collection.

Also in August, we held our annual croquet games and picnic, and met our British member, Joe, for dinner at “The Old Spaghetti Factory”

We also dined with two BSI’s who happened to be in Vancouver at the same time. “Bob the Nomad” and Curtis Armstrong.

Several members were able to travel to Portland, Oregon, to experience the International Sherlock Holmes Exhibit. This inter-active exhibit is touring the U.S and will open in Columbus, Ohio on February 6th. Highly recommended.

We look forward to 2014 for more adventure, scholarship and Sherlockian fellowship as we already have plans to attend more plays and conferences. 2014 will be an exciting year for the Petrels.

Fran Martin,

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