Despite the rain last Saturday, our annual “Reichenbach Falls” picnic was a great success with a dozen Petrels travelling to the Falls (aka Shannon Falls) joined by another half-dozen at “Toad Hall”

The next event will be the “Silver Blaze” races, again at “Toad Hall” on Saturday, August 16th. (3:00 pm)

Len will prepare the track, exercise the ‘horses’ and set up the tote board.

Elsa will bundle up some monopoly money for each participant.

Fran will visit Charlie’s Chocolate Factory to purchase the horsey-prizes.

* Reminder: This year there will be a theme: “Ascots and Hats” (think My Fair Lady)

Please let Fran or Elsa know if you plan on attending, as there will be a pot-luck supper to follow.

For more info, please contact Fran.

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