I had heard wonderful things about the previous conference  and knew instantly that this was an event not to be missed.  I was not wrong!

The hotel and conference centre were located on the IU campus in Bloomington. The weekend began with a short walk to the Lily Library.  On display here, among various rare books and maps, were such items as original drawings, scripts, manuscript and much more.

SAM_0200.jpg SAM_0199.jpg

G2Bcinema2.jpgAt the IU Cinema, we were treated to the 75th Anniversary screening of “The Hound of the Baskervilles”

This was just how it was meant to be enjoyed – on the big screen – watching it with your fellow Sherlockian friends.

The next day was busy with listening to the amazing speakers.  Discussing everything from theatre, movies, tv and radio.


Pictured here are these wonderful, informative and entertaining speakers: Steven Doyle, Kristina Manente, Mark Gagan, Bert Coules, Paul Annett, Bonnie MacBird, David Stuart Davies.

The breaks between speakers were spent in the dealers’ room, where books, posters, cd’s and other memorabilia were purchased with enthusiasm.

Steven Doyle also had many Sherlockian items from his own personal collection on display.

SAM_0215.jpg SAM_0216_thumb.jpg



SAM_0220.jpgGetting my book signed by author, David Stuart Davies.






The banquet on the last night was wonderful.

Pictured are Petrels old and new: Fran, Ed, Eric, Bill and Monica.



G2Bdinner.jpgA weekend such as this is  always a wonderful way to re-connect with old friends, and form new friendships. As Eric said, “We are all family”.   All weekend long, we exchanged info and shared stories.  This was Sherlockian fellowship at its best!

Thank you, Wessex Press!

One thought on ““Gillette to Brett IV”

  1. Fran, I SHOULD THANK YOU for making the trek down to Indiana! Conventions succeed because dedicated followers are willing to both contribute and travel to these events. So I hereby toast all my fellow Sherlockians, because we as a group, help make 221B legendary! As a genealogist I will also add that 100 years from now Sherlockians will continue that passion because of our efforts! Our members come from around the world, living beautiful, creative lives and we contribute greatly in this world! Future generations will see this and then, one day, ask US what we really enjoy in this world. We will simply smile and ask if they would like to make a visit to 221B, during a time, where it is always, 1895.

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