“Sherlock Holmes and The Devil’s Promise” by David Stuart Davies

I was very pleased to pick up a copy of David Stuart Davies’ recent book at the Gillette to Brett conference in Indiana last September. A well-know author and playwright, Mr. Davies is very familiar with Sherlock Holmes, having researched and written about him for many years.

This adventure sees Holmes and Watson taking a much-needed vacation on the Devonshire Coast. Being a supporter of all things Watson, I was pleased to see the good Doctor portrayed in such a positive light. He is caring, clever, observant and often frustrated by his companion’s decision to constantly keep him in the dark. He is not without his faults, however we can easily forgive him.

The small, secluded village is not without its odd inhabitants. Who are they? Why are they there? What do they want with our heroes? What game are they playing?

Holmes and Watson become entangled in what Mr. Davies calls “…an enigmatic tapestry” and it is only a matter of time until Holmes begins to unravel it, despite the many riddles that are woven into its fabric.

As we travel back to London, the adventure grows dark, dare I say sinister?

David Stuart Davies adds a whole new dimension to Watson, and allows us to get inside his head. And, with each step of the puzzle, endears him all the more to us. Watson displays loyalty and bravery throughout as he tries to understand the changes that have overcome his companion.

Each page kept me yearning for the next. What has happened to our beloved Holmes?

This thrilling adventure, whose forward is written by Mark Gatis, will be released in November.

Fran Martin

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