“The Resident Patient” first appeared in the Strand Magazine in August 1893. Doyle’s own medical background is most evident in this story.

Who is Dr. Watson describing? “He loved to lie in the very centre of five millions of people, with his filaments stretching out and running through them, responsive to every little rumor or suspicion of unsolved crime.”

What is the “thought-reading episode” and why does it appear in some editions, but not others?

What does it have to do with “The Adventure of the Cardboard Box”?

How does a Russian Count and his son figure into this case? Why Russian?

When Dr. Watson’s hand stole toward his own old wound, was it to his arm or leg?

“…your eyes fixed themselves upon your newly framed picture of General Gordon…..your eyes turned across to the unframed portrait of Henry Ward Beecher…”


The Stormy Petrels of BC will be discussing this story on Tuesday, Nov. 4th at 7:00 pm at Hampton Place.
Also, as an added treat, we will be pleased to welcome Daniel Polvere BSI (of Boston, Mass) to give a talk on “Holmes the Music Critic”

For more information, please contact Fran

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