After a year’s worth of study sessions, the Stormy Petrels take a well-deserved break for some summer fun!

Following is an overview of events we have planned. Please note that there may be a change, so please keep checking back for details and updates.

We welcome all visitors, so please keep these dates open if you are in Vancouver.

June 26 Classic Movie Night – 6:00 pm at the Tapestry, Wesbrook Mall, UBC
June 17-28 “Holmes & Watson Save the Empire” – Metro Theatre
July 11 – Reichenbach Falls (Shannon Falls) picnic – 10:00 am
– Margaret Dennison Starrett gravesite visit
– “Toad Hall”
July 16 Special guest speaker, Sonia Fetherston, BSI, will talk about the William Gillette film – 7:00 pm at Hampton Place
Aug. 15 “Silver Blaze” races and pot luck on the borders of South Surrey – 2:00 (Johnnie will provide directions)
Sept. 17 Murder Mystery dinner at Crescent Beach

Hope to see you all this summer!

For further info, please contact Fran at stormypetrels

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