The Stormy Petrels are in for another treat!

May’s regular meeting will take place, once again, at the Columbia Theatre in New Westminster, thanks to our member Tim, who will also supply food and beverage.


The theatre features the Raymond Burr stage, on which a photo of the well-known actor is displayed during all performances. Raymond Burr was born in New Westminster.

Last year we began the meeting in the upstairs comedy lounge, where Tim asked us each to tell  a Sherlockian joke.  This proved to be very popular and very amusing, to say the least!  We then moved our meeting down to the theatre, where tables were set up with cakes and pastries. We were then able to carry on with our meeting and discussion of the evening’s story.

This year, we will all begin with relating a short Sherlockian experience, before beginning discussion of “The Priory School”


The Adventure of the Priory School” boasts one of the most dramatic entrances into the rooms of 221b Baker Street.

Dr. Watson reports: “I cannot recollect anything more sudden and startling than the first appearance of Dr. Thorneycroft Huxtable, M.A., PhD., etc.  His card which seemed too small to carry the weight of his academic distinctions, preceded him by a few seconds, and then he entered himself – so large, s0 pompous and so dignified that he was the very embodiment of self-possession and solidity. And yet his first action when the door had closed behind him was to stagger against the table, whence he slipped down upon the floor, and there was that majestic figure prostrate and insensible upon our bearskin hearthrug.”


What had this man so upset? Was he offered brandy?

This story made it onto ACD’s top 12 list. Do you agree?

Come to the meeting and find out what happened at the Priory School.

When:  Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 7:00pm

Where: The Columbia Theatre at 530 Columbia Street, New Westminster.

The bonus question for members attending the meeting is: Holmes was familiar with how many different impressions left by tyres?














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