A dozen Petrels and three guests flocked to “Toad Hall” (Haffenden residence in North Vancouver) on Saturday, July 16th 2016 for a day of remembering and refreshments.


After a delicious picnic lunch, President Fran, uttering the oft-quoted words “…the best and wisest man….” offered the hand-crafted memorial wreath over the edge to be carried down the mountainside.


The flock of Petrels then retreated to the back lawn to enjoy a game of “Getting Getrie’s Garter” (aka The Leg Game)

Pictured below: Bob C., BSI and hostess extraordinaire Elsa H.



Tim M. managed to lob one small hoop (garter) over the high-heeled, fish-netted stocking leg. Father of Ana S. (guest) managed a larger hoop. The rest of us just had a lot of fun!

Next came the auction. Bob C. kindly volunteered to play auctioneer.(pictured below). 100% of monies raised will go towards the Stormy Petrels’ 30th Anniversary celebrations in 2017.


Relaxing on the lovely sun deck, enjoying the company and hostess Elsa’s coffee and cake, we all marveled at Len’s show and tell.

The evening came to a close with everyone reminding each other of our next event:

The “Silver Blaze” races on the borders of Surrey on Saturday, August 13th. Details to follow shortly.


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