“The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax”

Carfax Strand

Sherlock Holmes:  “One of the most dangerous classes in the world is the drifting and friendless woman.”

“She is a stray chicken in a world of foxes.  When she is gobbled up she is hardly missed.”

Holmes confesses that he fears some evil has come to the Lady Frances Carfax and sends Dr. Watson to Lausanne, Switzerland to inquire as to the location of Lady, the sole survivor of the direct family of the late Earl of Rufton.

Who was the tall, dark, bearded man who seemed to be stalking her?  Why did he attack Watson?  Who was the French workman who came to Watson’s rescue?  If the Lady was so happy in Lausanne, why did she leave so suddenly?  Why dismiss her maid?  Who were her new companions, and why did Holmes want to know about the condition of Dr. Shlessinger’s left ear?

Lady FC pic

More questions arise once back in London.  A search warrant is sought, a coffin is delivered and Holmes and Watson arrive at #36 Poultney Square armed.

A mysterious disappearance indeed!  If you would like answers to these questions and discuss the adventure with others, please attend the next regular meeting on Tuesday, May 1st at the usual Hampton Place lounge (Wesbrook Mall/W16th, UBC)

Bonus question:  What was Dr. Watson’s weapon of choice as he and Holmes travelled to Poultney Square to confront Dr. Shlessinger?

While President Fran will be MIA, criss-crossing the continent, the steadfast Vice President Orilea will chair the meeting once more.

Please note that the latest edition of The Petrel Flyer is now available for download.  Contact Fran for the link.

Also, please feel free to contact Fran at:  franziskah@shaw.ca  for more information regarding the next meeting or upcoming events.





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