The Stormy Petrels of BC will drop the hammer on Thor Bridge.  We are certain it will leave a chip in the stonework and Sherlock Holmes will discover it!

First published in the February-March 1922 edition of The Strand Magazine and in Hearst’s International in the February-March 1922 edition in the US.




Watson begins this adventure (set in 1901) by teasing us with the mention of some unrecorded cases.  Successful or not, they sound intriguing! Mysterious! Dare I say somewhat paranormal?  The imagination knows no bounds!

We are given a further glimpse into life at 221b Baker street.  Watson, we are told, descends to breakfast. Does he have rooms on the floor above?  Perhaps 221c?  There is also a new cook.  Has Mrs. Hudson finally had enough of Holmes’s complaints about her “limited cuisine”?

This case features some interesting characters, to be sure!  We have a wealthy American dubbed ‘the Gold King’, his Brazilian wife, who is a fiery woman “tropical by birth and tropical by nature.”  We have the sweet, young governess, accused of a horrible crime. The manager of Thor Place, terrified of his villain of an employer.  What could possibly go wrong?

It is interesting to note Holmes’s attitude toward each individual.

All are welcome to join the Stormy Petrels as they ‘travel’ to Thor Place in Hampshire to discuss the case “The Problem of Thor Bridge”.

When:  Tuesday, May 7th at 7:00 pm

Where:  The Chatham lounge, Hampton Place (UBC)

For more information, please contact Fran at:

Bonus question for those attending the meeting:  What is the name of the body of water over which Thor Bridge spans?

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