Our next adventure, as we work our way through The Casebook, is “The Adventure of the Creeping Man”.

Published in both The Strand Magazine and Hearst’s International in March 1923.

When Watson, not living at Baker Street at this time (1903) receives a message from Holmes which states: “Come at once if convenient – if inconvenient come all the same”, the good Doctor makes his way to 221b, despite admitting that his relation with Holmes had become “peculiar” and he felt like one of Holmes’s “habits”.

Off to the University town of Camford they go!

The famous Camford physiologist, Professor Presbury had disappeared to for two weeks and had returned a different man. So different that his faithful hound was attacking him.


Where did he go? What happened to change him? What was in the mysterious wooden box? What was in the secret correspondence?

Please feel free to join the Stormy Petrels as they meet to discuss this unusual case.

When?  Tuesday, June 4 at 7:00 pm

Where?  The lounge of the Chatham at Hampton Place (UBC)

Bonus question for members attending the meeting:

Where did the professor keep the key to the wooden box?

Added bonus:  What was Mr. Bennett’s first name?

If you have any questions, or need more info, please contact Fran at franziskah@shaw.ca



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