New Date: Reichenbach Falls visit September 29, 2018



On Saturday, September 29, 2018 The Stormy Petrels will flock to Shannon Falls on the Sea-to-Sky.

[Left: Shannon Falls, BC / Right: Reichenbach Falls, Switzerland]

About Shannon Falls

Shannon Falls is located just off Highway 99, 58 km north of Vancouver. BC. According to the BC Parks website, it is composed of a series of cliffs, rising 335 meters above Highway 99, making it the third highest falls in the province.

In 1792, Captain George Vancouver set up camp just west of the falls, which were named after Shannon who, in 1890 – 1900, owned the falls and surrounding area and used the clay deposits to make bricks. (you can’t make bricks without clay!)

The park also holds significant spiritual value to the Squamish First Nations, the first people to live in the area. They told of a two-headed sea serpent, Say-noth-ka, who lived in and around Howe Sound. According to legend, this beast travelled both on land and in the water. Some versions say it was Say-noth-ka who formed Shannon Falls by slithering and twisting his powerful body up the mountainside, wearing down a spillway for those cascading waters

We will, once again visit Shannon Falls, as our substitute for the Reichenbach Falls. The resemblance is truly uncanny!

– “Reichenbach Falls” (Shannon Falls) ceremonial wreath tossing – 11:00am

– Then on to visit Green Bee Honey in the Squamish Valley where Petrels will be treated to a talk and demonstration by the owner Michalina, the niece of  Petrel Andy.  He will supply maps to members.  Bring your picnic lunches.

If you require any additional information, please contact Fran at

[Photo sources: Wikipedia and Flickr]

September Meeting 2018

“His Last Bow”

This case was first published in both the Strand Magazine (England) and Collier’s (US) in September 1917.

The story was subtitled “The War Service of Sherlock Holmes” when published in magazines, but subtitled “An Epilogue of Sherlock Holmes” when it appeared in book form. (From Christopher Redmond’s “A Sherlock Holmes Handbook”.

LastBowColliers cover.JPG

Set in August 1914, on the eve of WWI, it is a story of international espionage, narrated in the third person.  It was “The most terrible August in the history of the world.”

Who was the Irish-American agent Altamont?  Described as: “…. a tall, gaunt man of sixty, with clear-cut features and a small goatee beard which gave him a general resemblance to the caricatures of Uncle Sam.”

Do you believe the housekeeper Martha was actually Mrs. Hudson?  Described as:  “…dear old ruddy-faced woman in a country cap.” Also “She might almost personify Britannia.”

Who was the chauffeur who drove Altamont?  Described as “…a heavily-built, elderly man with a gray moustache.”


Please join us at our meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018. 

  • Please note that we will meet at 6:30 for refreshments and fellowship with the study session beginning at 7:00. (We will still have a brief intermission to recharge our mugs)

Where:  Our usual Hampton Place lounge, UBC (Wesbrook Mall/ West 16th)

Bonus Question for those attending the meeting: (fill in the blank)

“Von Bork undid a winding of string and two wrappers.  Then he sat gazing for a moment in silent amazement at a small blue book which lay before him.  Across the cover was printer in golden letters “_____________ ______________ of ____ _____________”

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June 5, 2018 Meeting

“It’s devilish, Mr. Holmes, devilish!”  “It is not of this world!”

The adventure for the June meeting was listed, in 1927, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as his 9th favourite out of 12.  He referred to it as “…grim and new.”  Sherlock Holmes referred to it as “Strangest case I have ever handled.”

We find our great detective in Cornwall for health reasons. A quiet and quaint cottage where Dr. Watson is hoping his friend will find time for relaxation.  But to his dismay, Holmes is drawn into a mystery.  A “Cornish Horror”.

Please join us for our June study session as we discuss “The Adventure of the Devil’s Foot”


Tuesday, June 5th at 7:00 PM in the lounge at Hampton Place.

Bonus question for those attending the meeting:   What card game were the Tregennis siblings playing?







2018 Conferences

Having attended many conferences, events and meetings of several Sherlockian scions over the years, I speak from experience when I say that I can recommend any and all of these amazing experiences.  Each one has something special to offer. Each one an experience of a lifetime!

It is a great way to meet like-minded people. Make new Sherlockian friends, reconnect with old friends and listen to some excellent speakers.

If you are travelling this summer and fall, please consider attending the following:

June 2The San Francisco Silent Film Festival is presenting “Der Hund von Baskerville” (1929) with live accompaniment. The last silent Sherlock Holmes film.

June 4:  Meeting of The Dogs in the Nighttime“, a Sherlockian society based in Anacortes, Washington. Guest speaker will be Dan Polvere BSI who will speak on the historic Speckled Band dinner recently celebrated in Boston.  Historic, as it was the first time in 78 years that women were invited, and I am honoured that I was extended an invitation, and very pleased to have attended. (I personally thank Dan for helping me find the Tavern Club!)

June 8-9:  “Scintillation of Scions” sponsored by Watson’s Tin Box in Baltimore, MD.

Aug. 10-12:  “Holmes in the Heartland” sponsored by The Parallel Case of St. Louis.

Oct. 5-7Gillette to Brett V (Sherlock Holmes on stage, screen and radio) sponsored by Wessex Press, to be held once again at Indiana University in Bloomington.

Nov. 34th Annual International Sherlockian Summit in Mount Vernon, Washington.  A gathering of the Pacific Northwest Coast societies. Organized by the Sound of the Baskervilles.

If you are travelling near any of these locations and are considering attending, please contact Fran for additional information at: