Since 1987 The Stormy Petrels of BC, a scion society of The Bootmakers of Toronto, have been an active group devoted to the study of Sherlock Holmes, his cases and methods.  They hold regular monthly meetings as well as special events throughout the year. The activities and musings of the Stormy Petrels are captured in the society’s publication “The Petrel Flyer”, written by its members for its members.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Troy Wistoski said:

    On July 2nd, 1991, my daughter, Alyssa Mary Hope Wistoski, was the first child born into The Stormy Petrels and became the first Honorary Life Time Member of the Society.
    I would be interested in sitting in on a meeting after these long 16 years since I was last at one. Where can I find a list of up comeing meetings?

  2. Petrels who might like to see some of the original Canon as it appeared in the “Strand Magazine” can go to the Gutenberg website at , and from there go to the Titles index under “S’. Run down the list to “Strand”, where you can find complete issues of the magazine for the first six months of 1893. These are steadily being added to, and hopefully one day we may have all the Canonical issues; until then, you can see some early tales from the “Memoirs”.
    “Enjoy!” as the waiters say.
    Peter Wood

  3. The Gutenberg website address was somehow omitted from my email. it is </www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page
    Peter Wood

  4. Peter Wood said:

    The Petrels are the only Sherlock Holmes society on the West Coast of Canada, and we therefore have something in common with the only Holmes society in Wales – the Deerstalkers of Welshpool, whose website is http://www.welshpooldeerstalkers.co.uk, which I came across this morning whilst browsing the Internet. It might be in keeping with the season if we send them a Christmas Greetings message from the Petrels!
    Peter Wood

  5. Hi Peter

    That was a good morning’s work when you found our website.
    I’m sending some issues of The Baker Street Bugle to Len.
    I like your website.

    Best Sherlockian greetings


  6. Mary Clarke said:

    Is Michael Doyle still involved with this club?

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