Sherlock Holmes has a website called “The Science of Deduction”, he uses a cell phone to send text messages to Lestrade and a computer is a fixture on his desk at 221b Baker Street.

Rubbish you say? Not so!

BBC 1 began running a 3-part series entitled “Sherlock” on July 25th and I had the opportunity of seeing the first installment called “A Study in Pink”. Although loosely based on STUD, it was entirely set in current times. Watson, a veteran of the Afghan war, (and a blogger) meets Stamford in the park and from there “the game is on” as Sherlock puts it.

I was doubtful whether Holmes would be able to put his deductive skills to use in the 21st century, but he was able to pull it off amazingly! Benedict Cumerbath made an excellent Sherlock Holmes. Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson proved and invaluable companion. Amazed by Holmes and also confused at times, but loyal and brave.

The writing comes courtesy of Doctor Who writers, Steven Moffat and Mark Gratiss (who also has a role is this series).

This episode was definitely a “three-patch” problem (Holmes is trying to quit smoking) The next installment is “The Blind Banker”. I anxiously await viewing it.

Your Consulting Detective

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