Five orange pips,
A bicycle,
A photo of the Queen,
A Christmas goose,
A speckled band,
A tie-pin – emerald green

A coronet,
Some dancing men,
The devil-hound – ’tis true!
A fat cockroach,
An old clay pipe,
A carbuncle or two.

A deep-red ‘cardinal tosca’,
A magnifying glass,
A mazarine stone and mogul,
Pince-nez – gold, not brass.

A violin, a man’s lost thumb,
A big, fat honey-bee,
A silhouette and deerstalk’ cap
Atop our Petrel tree!

Our aim is to have every story in ‘the canon’ represented by an ornament on our tree.

Please bring an ornament for the tree to our festive gathering at Brown’s Books (East Hastings & Boundary) on December 7th.