As a response to “The Reichenbach Fall”, the third and final episode of the second series of BBC’s Sherlock, people around the world have taken to the streets, and the internet, to show their support for the great detective.

A Believe in Sherlock blog has sprouted up and has been publishing photos people have taken of street signs, graffiti, and posters.

Photo credit: zeropuntosedici on Flickr

Photo credit: zeropuntosedici on Flickr

Photo credit: zeropuntosedici on Flickr

#BelieveinSherlock is a tag used by those on Twitter and bloggers are uniting in support of John Watson who lost his dear friend, Sherlock.

Such support could be seen as a throwback to the days of Arthur Conan Doyle. Upon publishing “The Final Problem”, where Holmes and Moriarty plunge over Switzerland’s Reichenbach Falls, there was a massive public outcry of disbelief.

Update Upon further inspection of online channels I have discovered the source of the uprising, thanks to Daily Dot:

“Let’s scribble in bathroom stalls, back of bus seats, lamp posts. I won’t tell anyone to do anything illegal, but graffiti like in the pictures would be amazing. Paint on t-shirts, make buttons, go to the beach and write in the sand. Take photos of what you’ve done, put on twitter or tumblr and tag it! … Using digital media and spray paint is relevant to this chapter of the fandom. Why repeat what the original fandom did, when we can do something that is unique to us?” – Posted by Earl Foolish

There is also a Google Map of “Believe in Sherlock” sightings around the globe.

~ This post was published by Rebecca Bollwitt who has been an honorary member of The Stormy Petrels since 1991.

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