First penned by Fran in 1991:

1. Male or female, rich or poor, The perplexed client finds the door.

2. Deductions are made of those who seek The help of Holmes from week to week.

3. The tale is told, the client is gone. He takes his pipe to smoke alone.

4. He sits beside the crackling fire, Detatched from his world, thoughts inspire.

5. Watson, biographer, walks in the park, For he, like us, is in the dark.

6. Back to the rooms, he returns in time To hie with Holmes to the scene of the crime.

7. On his knees with lens to eye, The smallest of clues don’t pass him by.

8. He makes good use of a foreign phrase. French or German or Latin some days.

9. He mentions a monograph – he’s written a few. Ashes and footprints to name but two.

10. The police, he finds are often fools, For they know not how to use thier ‘tools’.

11. As for music, he says that German is best.  He finds it more soothing than the rest.

12. A quote he has for every occasion. A witty remark, a clever quotiation.

13. To trick those villains, dark and sinister, He’ll don a disguise, perhaps a minister.

14. A telegram will be dispatched. The stage is set, the plot is hatched.

15. Through long, cold nights, through any weather, A vigil in the dark together.

16. The criminals are captured then And Sherlock Holmes has his men.

17. To Baker Street, the crime to explain, Only to begin again!

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