The Stormy Petrels of BC will be celebrating the 150th anniversary of How They Met – the formation of one of the greatest partnerships of all time – on Saturday, March 14th 2015. Once again, due to popular demand, the celebration will take place at the lovely Art Dec0-style Bessborough Armory (Arbutus/11th Ave) This building, a Recognized Federal Heritage Building, was officially opened in 1934 by Vere Brabazon Ponsby, the 9th Earl of Bessborough and 14th Governor General of Canada. The beautiful Officers’ Mess is a perfect venue, allowing us to dine in elegance then relax fire-side while being entertained by ‘The Petrel Players’ who traditionally perform “How They Met”, “How Watson Learned the Trick” and more….. Please join us at 6:00 for drinks, 7:00 for dinner. (Victorian/Edwardian dress is encouraged) Please let Elsa know ASAP if you are planning on attending. (if you are unable to contact Elsa, please contact Fran here)

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