“Mr. Holmes”


On July 2, 2015, I had the opportunity to attend an advanced screening of the movie in Vancouver.

If you plan on going into this film expecting to see the same Sherlock Holmes that you are used to, except a little older, you will be disappointed. This is not your usual action-packed,  thrill-of-the-hunt-grab-your-toothbrush-Watson type of story.

Holmes, like the rest of us, is human after all. Even the sharpest of minds lose their edge. Even the heartiest of souls can weaken. Memories fade, but regrets can linger. Vulnerability takes over. We all need someone.

We still cheer on our hero as he tries to right the wrongs. After all, he is still our Holmes!

“Mr. Holmes” starring Ian McKellen in the title role, will be in theatres in Vancouver on July 17th. The acting was superb, needless to say, and an added bonus for me personally, was seeing Nicholas Rowe as a ‘matinee idol’ Holmes in the movie. (Nicholas Rowe portrayed “Young Sherlock Holmes” in 1985)

Whether you are a Sherlock Holmes fan or not, I recommend you see this movie. You needn’t be a Holmes aficionado to appreciate it.

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