The Stormy Petrels will take a break from our usual study session for the month of July.

It’s time for our annual “Reichenbach Falls” event. Good news to some, we will not drive the Sea-to-Sky Highway to Shannon Falls this year, but will honour the occasion with tossing our wreath into MacKay Creek at Heywood Park in North Vancouver.

Heywood Park is located at 1621 Hamilton Street at Marine Drive. It will be a very short walk from “Toad Hall” (aka the Haffendens’)

Park your car at the house at 12:00 noon, (Sheldon will forward the address of “Toad Hall” in his reminder e-mail to all members) and we shall all take the short walk to the end of the block into the park.

Once at the park, Fran will gracefully toss the memorial (bio-degradable) wreath into the stream, where, she is assured, she will be less likely to follow the wreath into the water. The small falls at Heywood Park are quite tame compared to waters of Shannon Falls.

We will trek back to “Toad Hall” to enjoy our picnic lunches on the patio before engaging in our auction of Sherlockiana, Victorian and mystery-related items.

Len will also open the “company store” to give everyone an opportunity to purchase items such as our Stormy Petrel note pads, pens, key chains, etc.

All proceeds of the auction will go towards the Stormy Petrels 30th Anniversary celebrations in 2017.

If you would like more information, please contact Fran at the Stormy Petrel address:









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