The Adventure of the Three Students

Three students, each vying for the Fortescue Scholarship, are suspected of secretly looking at the proofs left unattended on the examiner’s desk.

The examiner, Mr. Soames, pleads with Holmes, who happens to be staying nearby, to help him solve the question as to has copied the answers.

The servant, Bannister, has left the key in the door and is clearly upset at this careless act. Yet, why is he so visibly shaken at the news?  He nearly fainted, and having collapsed into a chair, was offered brandy!

One cannot help but notice the curious case of 3’s in this case:

(a) It was 3 o’clock when the proofs arrived from the printer;

(b) The proof was in 3 long strips;

(c) The deep scratch in the desk was 3 inches long;

(d) In Soames’ bedroom: “…lead framework, 3 separate windows”;

(e) “…3 yellow squares of light…” in the quadrangle;

(f) “3-card trick”;

(g) 3 little pyramids of clay;

and, of course 3 students.

The meeting, as always, is scheduled for the first Tuesday of the month, being November 1st.

Time:  7:00pm

Location: Hampton Place Lounge (Wesbrook Mall/West 16th)

Bonus question for members in attendance:  What did Gilchrist leave on the chair by the window?

If you have any questions, or would like more info, please contact Fran.



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