The disappearance of a young rugby player prior to an important match. Was it a kidnapping? His uncle, the wealthy, but miserly Lord Mount-James is not very co-operative.

As Christopher Redmond states in his book In Bed With Sherlock Holmes:  “On the surface it is a detective story; underneath, when all the secrets are revealed, it is just as much a story of ….passion and romance.”


(fr0m “An Elementary Guide” by Daniel Smith) “The first varsity match between Oxford and Cambridge took place in 1872.  Oxford won in 1896, the year of this story.”

Some might say this case is somewhat auto-biographical.  ACD, a rugby player himself, would suffer a loss.  Had he become “…half-crazed with grief”  and weeping at the bedside of his dying wife.

The Stormy Petrels of B.C. will meet on Tuesday, Feb. 7th to discuss The Adventure of the Missing Three-Quarter at their usual location in the lounge of The Chatham, Hampton Place, UBC at 7:00.

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missing-three-quarterBonus question for those attending the meeting: What is the name of the dog featured on the cover of this issue of Collier’s?