The Stormy Petrels began the New Year with their annual Sherlock Holmes Birthday Brunch.  Nineteen Petrels and guests enjoyed food and fellowship at The White Spot Restaurant on West Georgia Street on January 5th.

2019 Brunch.jpg

Three current members of the Petrel Exec:

The 3 Execs 2019 Brunch.jpg

Orilea (one of my V.P’s)  Fran (President)  and Elsa (Retiring Treasurer)

The Stormy Petrels will meet for their first study session of 2019 on February 5th.

Three Gables (1).jpg

We will discuss a case involving:  a death threat, blackmail, disloyalty, a burglary, an offer too good to refuse and an affair.

As Christopher Redmond mentions in his Sherlock Holmes Handbook , “The issue in this affair, as in A Scandal in Bohemia, is blackmail at the point where sex and money meet.”

Now that I have your attention, you can join in on the discussion of The Three Gables on Tuesday, Feb. 5th. 7:00 pm at our usual venue – Hampton Place, Vancouver.

If you would like more information, please contact Fran at:


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