Since our last regular study session back in June, Petrels have been enjoying a lovely summer.  Some of us have been travelling, one member, Brian, was able to attend the conference in Minneapolis, and some of us were also able to enjoy the much-anticipated and successful Silver Blaze races in July.


A full report will appear in a future edition of The Petrel Flyer.  Hostess extraordinaire Johnnie, along with Sheldon and Ana were the race winners. Awards were also presented for best ascots and hats.

It is now time to think about preparing for our next study session which will take place, as usual, on the first Tuesday of the Month. September 3rd.

The adventure for discussion will be “The Lion’s Mane“.  First published in The Strand Magazine in December 1926 and in Liberty Magazine (US) in November 1926.

The case, narrated by a retired bee-keeping Holmes, is set in 1907 and features a mysterious death. The victim struggles up from the beach to fall at Holmes’s feet while uttering the words “lion’s mane”.

Could it be the result of some sort of love triangle?  The lady Maude seems to have cast a spell over a few men in the district (including Holmes?)

Is the old housekeeper Mrs. Hudson?  Do we miss Dr. Watson?


There will be much to discuss and discover at the meeting.

Find out what was generously donated to the Stormy Petrels by a local gentleman.

Date:  Sept, 3, 2019

Time:  7:00 pm

Location:  Hampton Place lounge

For additional information please contact Fran at:


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