This special edition of The Petrel Flyer gave us a window into the life of The Stormy Petrels of BC, albeit not a typical year for our group.

We were not able to meet in person after our March meeting. We had to postpone (indefinitely) our annual dinner. We were not able to travel to the “Reichenbach Falls” (aka Shannon Falls). We were not able to enjoy the “Silver Blaze” races and pot luck & tea at the spacious estate of Dame Johnston-Keddis in South Surrey. Since the borders were (and still are) closed, we could not attend any conferences, symposiums, summits or meetings south of the border. However, we could attend virtually via Zoom, but nothing beats road trips (or train excursions) and meeting and talking to people face to face.

After another great job of formatting by Rebecca Bollwitt and uploading the work onto a memory stick, it was ready to be dropped off and put together by a professional printing service.

The printer was Minuteman Press on Agnes Street in New Westminster. They did a marvelous job of printing and binding and I would not hesitate to use their services again.

I am very pleased to reprint some of the positive feedback for people who received their copy:

Additional copies are available. If you would like a copy, please contact Fran at

Elsa Haffenden: “A great job.”
Steve Mason: “I am impressed.”
Jean Brown: “It was terrific and I read it cover to cover.”
Ed Weiss: “An outstanding job. A wonderful addition to any Sherlockian collection.”
Al Nelson: “Enjoying the 2020 Year in Review publication. Great job to all who contributed.”
Margaret Nelson: “Al and I are enjoying the Petrel’s 2020 publication. It was a real treat to receive during such a trying time.”
Rebecca Bollwitt: “Job well done. Always happy to support the Petrels.”

Andy Hunter: “Enjoying it very much.”

Tim Mustart: positive comments were given over the phone.
Rich Krisciunas: gave it a mention on FaceBook

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