The adventure for discussion at the April meeting will be “The Speckled Band” Once again, we will meet via Zoom.

This case was first published in the Strand Magazine (UK) in February 1892 and in the US edition of the Strand in March 1892.

This case features what can be described as Gothic elements…Murder, terror, exotic animals roaming the grounds of an ancient manor house in the country, and a dastardly villain.

Dr. Watson: “It seems to me to be a most dark and sinister business.”

Sherlock Holmes: ” Dark enough, and sinister enough.”

Arthur Conan Doyle was asked to write a list of his favourite 12 stories. (Not including the stories in The Casebook). In 1927 the Strand Magazine offered a prize to any reader who could match ACD’s list. The winner was Mr. R.T. Norman, who matched 10 out of 12.

Note: “The Speckled Band” was first on the list

Re: The successful stage play in 1910 at the Adelphi Theatre in London. It featured H.A. Saintsbury in the role of Sherlock Holmes. The play was to be called “The Stonor Case” but was changed back to it’s original name.

The following page can be found in “Sherlock Holmes in America” by Bill Blackbeard.

Several changes were made, including omitting the poker-bending scene, as “…no pliable prop could be found.” (from “Teller of Tales – the Life of Arthur Conan Doyle” by Daniel Stashower.

Daniel Stashower also reports that there were issues concerning the snake. An artificial snake was favoured by the cast and crew, but ACD insisted that they use the real thing. He imported a Rock Python. Conan Doyle finally admitted “…the snake made a poor actor.”

Mr. Richard Krisciunas will have a presentation for us.

Mr. Sheldon Goldfarb will read his Musings on the “Speckled Band

Please join us on Tuesday April 6, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)

For more information, please contact Fran at:

Bonus question: What were the two exotic animals which roamed the grounds at night at Stoke Moran?

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