Our Adventure for discussion is “The Musgrave Ritual” , first published in The Strand Magazine and in Harper’s Weekly in May, 1893.

Here is another pre-Dr. Watson case, so we have the pleasure of hearing Holmes narrate the event to Watson, who really just wanted Holmes to clean the room.

We learn much about the state of 221B: the cigars are kept in the coal scuttle (where was the coal?); tobacco was stuffed into the toe of a Persian slipper (where was the other slipper?); correspondence was transfixed onto the mantelpiece with a jackknife; the letters “VR” were shot into the wall; chemicals could be found in various locations around the room (including in the butter dish); piles of paperwork were stacked and strewn throughout.

Find out about Reginald Musgrave and his household. A snooping butler, a hysterical maid, staff gone missing, secret papers, a romance gone bad, a deadly vault and a bag of rusty metal dragged from a lake.

The March 1st meeting will take place via Zoom only. The usual 7:00 pm (West Coast Time)

for any additional info, e-mail Fran at: franziskah@shaw.ca

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