“Killed Holmes!” Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in his diary.

From Daniel Stashower’s “Teller of Tales – The Life of Arthur Conan Doyle“:

Readers of the Strand Magazine were not happy. 20,000 unsubscribed to the magazine. ACD’s mother (the Ma’am) was not happy!

Doyle wrote: “I have been much blamed for doing that gentleman to death, but I hold that it was not murder, but justifiable homicide in self-defence, since, if I had not killed him, he would certainly have killed me.”

“I have had such an overdose of him that I feel towards him as I do towards pate de foie gras, of which I once ate too much, so that the name of it gives me a sickly feeling to this day.”

The Stormy Petrels of BC will meet, in person, to examine the adventure of “The Final Problem” published in The Strand Magazine in May, 1859.

We will, once again, follow our new format ie a brief “show & Tell” segment, a paper, a “mystery event” (time permitting) and “Watson’s Words” (examining your favourite passage written by Watson)

When: Tuesday, February 7th at 7:00 p.m.

Where: The Chattham Lounge at Hampton Place (Wesbrook Mall/W16th) UBC

For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact Fran at: franziskah@shaw.ca

Bonus question (for those attending the meeting):

Which train did the pair take to the continent?

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