The Stormy Petrels will, once again, meet in person for their May meeting.

The story for discussion will be “The Adventure of the Dancing Men“, first published in the Strand Magazine (UK) and Collier’s (US) for Dec. 1903.

Arthur Conan Doyle ranked this adventure as number 3 on his top 12 favourites list, and referred to it as “a strong, bloody story”

A story including loyalty, secrets, trust, passion, cryptic clues, a triangle, a stalker, and eventually a murder!

Where do you believe ACD’s inspiration for this particular cipher originated?

What indication do we have that Dr. Watson was a little careless with his pension?


  1. Sherlock Holmes wrote a monograph upon the subject of ciphers in which he analyzed how many different ciphers?
  2. Can you decipher the code at the end of this message?

All these questions, and more will be answered at the May meeting.

When: Tuesday, May 2, 2023, 7:00 p.m.

Where: Hampton Place lounge, The Chatham (UBC – near Wesbrook Mall/West 16th Ave)

Be prepared for a special news bulletin from Fran!

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