There are no regular meetings or special events planned for the month of July, however, a very significant event took place in July (one of the summers between 1872 and 1876)

It was a case “The Gloria Scott” which took place during the long vacation when Sherlock Holmes was at college. Later, Holmes was to tell Watson: “…it was the first in which I was ever engaged.”

Having been invited to the home of his friend, Victor Trevor, Holmes had the opportunity to display his powers of observation and deduction. This had impressed old Mr. Trevor so much, the old man fainted. Afterwords, he told Holmes: “…it seems to me that all the detectives of fact and of fancy would be children in your hands. That’s your line in life, sir…”

Sherlock Holmes, many years later, told Watson: “And that recommendation…was the first thing which ever made me feel that a profession might be made out of what had up to that time been the merest hobby.”

What does your July hold in store for you? Come tell us at our annual barbecue and croquet on Saturday, August 14th, on the borders of Surrey. More details will follow.

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