Thanks to information received by Roger Johnson (Sherlock Holmes Society of London) via his “District Messenger”, your Consulting Detective can report on the following:

1. Sotheby’s auction of one of the only two known inscribed copies of the very first Sherlock Holmes Story “A Study In Scarlet” The auction will take place on July 15th. For more info, please contact Peter Selley at

2. A new Sherlock Holmes play “The Secret of Sherlock Holmes” at the Duchess Theatre begining July 20th. Peter Egan as Sherlock Holmes and Robert Daws as Dr. Watson.

3. On July 16th at Marylebone Library, author Laurie King will talk about her new book, “The God of the Hive”

4. The Northern Sherlock Holmes Society is hosting a Forensic Science Day at the University of Huddersfield on September 11th. The University was established in 1825 and is a leading site for training forensic scientists. For more info, contact the Stormy Petrel’s Consulting Detective.

5. A brand new edition of Bending The Willow” by David Stuart Davies is now available from Calabash Press (

“Before his untimely death in 1995, Jeremy Brett had made the part his own, all the time battling against the manic depression which had plauged him for many years. “Bending The Willow” examines how this brilliant actor channelled the demons of his debilitating illness into his iridescent portrayal of Sherlock Holmes”.

“This new edition includes a new afterword by the author, a reminiscence of Jeremy Brett by David Burke, and a number of photographs not included in earlier editions”.

For more information on any of the abvove, please contact your Consulting Detective.

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