Eighteen Petrels attended the annual Sherlock Holmes Birthday Brunch on January 8th and raised their glasses to “The Master” after President Fran read a little toast written in 2008:

“The Stormy Petrels gather here
on this auspicious day
to toast the wisest and the best who
brought us all this way.

To Sherlock Holmes we raise a glass
and honour him once more.
The head of his profession
on this and every shore!”

The next regular meeting of the Stormy Petrels will take place on Tuesday, February 1, 2011 chez Wood at 7:00 pm.

SH: “By the way, Watson, you know something of racing?”
Dr.W: “I ought to. I pay for it with half my wound pension.”

The case for discussion will be “The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place” the last of the 56 short stories. A rather dark tale of a family dog, burnt human bones and a crypt.

For furhter info, please contact the Stormy Petrels.

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