We are now into The Case Book.  Tuesday’s case was originally published in 1924. The 54th of 60 stories.


We learn that both Holmes and Watson had a weakness for the Turkish bath.

We learn that Holmes uses the telephone.

We learn that Watson is living in his own suite on Queen Anne Street.

There is so much more to learn as we discuss “The Illustrious Client“.  Do you see a parallel to a previous adventure?  What happens when fire and ice come face to face?

We story contains a mix of ex-cons, ex-lovers, thugs, impostors and aristocrats all connected by a common thread.

Illustrious sign

Bonus question for members attending the meeting:  Where did Miss Violet meet the Baron?

Date of meeting:  Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Time:  6:30 for fellowship, with the meeting beginning promptly at 7:00

Where?  The lounge at The Chatham, Hampton Place, UBC  (Wesbrook Mall/ West 16th Ave, Vancouver)

If you require added info or have any questions, please contact Fran at:  franziskah@shaw.ca


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