Due to circumstances, the in-person brunch at the restaurant is cancelled.

We will, however, meet for brunch via Zoom. We did last January, and it did prove a success.

We will have exciting news and reports and enjoy our meals in the comfort of our own homes.

To make it fun, try to have a Holmesian meal. You know Holmes did enjoy his eggs, toast and coffee. A man after my own heart!

“…my companion (Holmes) munched silently at his toast.” (Study in Scarlet)

“”I found the breakfast laid and Holmes pouring out the coffee.” (Sign of Four)

“Better have your ham and eggs first.” (Sign of Four)

“…we were engaged upon our toast and coffee in the morning…” (Scandal in Bohemia)

“My dear Watson, when I have exterminated that fourth egg, I shall be ready…” (Valley of Fear)

“In the morning I (Watson) was up betimes, but some toast crumbs and two empty egg shells told me that my companion (Holmes) was earlier still.” (Retired Colourman)

The Zoom brunch will take place on Saturday, January 8th at 11:00 a.m. (Pacific Time)

any questions? contact Fran at: franziskah@shaw.ca

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