Believing Holmes had met a watery end, Dr. Watson returned to London alone, leaving behind “the best and the wisest man whom I have ever known.”

Although “The Adventure of the Empty House” was set in 1894, it appeared in Collier’s Magazine (US) in September 1903, and in the Strand Magazine (UK) in October 1903.

Here is a quintessential locked-room mystery. While trying his hand at deciphering what happened, Watson is surprised by the appearance of his old, dear friend.

We hear, first hand, exactly what happened at the Reichenbach Falls. How Holmes escaped the watery grave, and about his travels for the next three years.

(Illustration by Isabelle Follath from “Arthur Who Wrote Sherlock” by Linda Bailey)

We learn about brother Mycroft’s role during all this time, and we witness Mrs. Hudson’s devotion, performing a very important, and dangerous task.

It was interesting to see Watson’s and Mrs. Hudson’s reactions upon seeing Holmes for the first time in three years.

Come to the next meeting to discuss this adventure and enjoy Sherlockian fellowship. We welcome all new-comers.

When: Tuesday, March 7 at 7:00

Where: The Chatham at Hampton Place (Wesbrook Mall/West 16th) UBC, Vancouver

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