Nineteen Stormy Petrels and guests met on Sunday, March 19th to enjoy their 33rd Annual Dinner/Luncheon.

The venue this year was The Old Bavaria Haus in New Westminster. All diners received small chocolate violins and the door prizes were the chocolate magnifying lenses.

Many prizes were won, toasts were offered, and skits were performed.

2023 luncheon
Petrel Players – Gary and Jason
Petrel Players – Karen and Leah
Petrels Fran and Gordon
Brian – Macavity Poem
Petrel Gordon with server Hardeep

The luncheon was a great success, with attendees enjoying delicious food, engaging conversation, and captivating entertainment. It was another wonderful opportunity to come together and celebrate Holmes and Watson!

Thank you to the staff at The Old Bavaria Haus for making another Petrel luncheon a huge success!

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