Despite the rain last Saturday, our annual “Reichenbach Falls” picnic was a great success with a dozen Petrels travelling to the Falls (aka Shannon Falls) joined by another half-dozen at “Toad Hall”

The next event will be the “Silver Blaze” races, again at “Toad Hall” on Saturday, August 16th. (3:00 pm)

Len will prepare the track, exercise the ‘horses’ and set up the tote board.

Elsa will bundle up some monopoly money for each participant.

Fran will visit Charlie’s Chocolate Factory to purchase the horesy-prizes.

* Reminder: This year there will be a theme: “Ascots and Hats” (think My Fair Lady)

Please let Fran or Elsa know if you plan on attending, as there will be a pot-luck supper to follow.

For more info, please contact Fran.


Shannon Falls - Source: Wikipedia

Shannon Falls is located just off Highway 99, 58 km north of Vancouver. BC. According to the BC Parks website, it is composed of a series of cliffs, rising 335 meters above Highway 99, making it the third highest falls in the province.

In 1792, Captain George Vancouver set up camp just west of the falls, which were named after Shannon who, in 1890 – 1900, owned the falls and surrounding area and used the clay deposits to make bricks. (you can’t make bricks without clay!)

The park also holds significant spiritual value to the Squamish First Nations, the first people to live in the area. They told of a two-headed sea serpent, Say-noth-ka, who lived in and around Howe Sound. According to legend, this beast travelled both on land and in the water. Some versions say it was Say-noth-ka who formed Shannon Falls by slithering and twisting his powerful body up the mountainside, wearing down a spillway for those cascading waters

Reichenbach Falls Switzerland - Source: Flickr

We will, once again visit Shannon Falls, as our substitute for the Reichenbach Falls. The resemblance is truly uncanny!

We will meet at the park at 10:00am on Saturday, July 19, 2014. Please bring a lunch and your comfy hiking shoes, as we will walk up to the viewpoint located up a “350 meter long walking trail through a forest of Western hemlock, Douglas fir and Western red cedar along Shannon Creek.”

If you require any additional information, please contact your Consulting Detective at the g-mail address provided here.

Let us hope that the weather co-operates.

2014 Summer Specials

With regular study sessions behind us, the Petrels looks forward to hosting a number of special events this summer.
Please join us if you can.

June 27: Classic Movie Night – presenting “The Bruce Partington Plans”
location: The Tapestry (UBC) 3338 Wesbrook Mall. Join us at 6:00 for snacks, provided by Brian. The movie starts at 7:00

Please let Fran know as soon as possible if you are planning to attend this event.

July 19: “Reichenbach Falls” (aka Shannon Falls) picnic. Be at the park for 10:00 am. and bring your lunch and hiking shoes if you wish to take the trail up to the falls.

After the picnic we will drive back to North Vancouver to the home of Len and Elsa, where the festivities will continue with various entertainment and coffee, making a short stop at the Capilano View Cemetery to visit the grave-site of Vincent Starrett’s mother – Margaret Dennison.

Aug. 16: “Silver Blaze” races to take place at “Toad Hall” (aka the home of Len and Elsa) The theme this year will be “Ascots and Hats” This event will be followed by a pot-luck supper. Please let me know if you are able to attend this event.

If you would like more information, please contact me through our Stormy Petrel g-mail address.


“…a crumpled piece of paper, an old-fashioned brass key, a peg of wood with a ball of string attached to it, and three rusty old discs of metal.”

“These are all that I have left to remind me of the episode of the Musgrave Ritual.”

Who are we?
The Stormy Petrels of B.C.
Where shall we meet?
Hampton Place.
Who shall attend?
All who have interest in Holmes/Doyle
What is the month?
The sixth from the first.
What is the date?
Tuesday, the 3rd.
What is the time?
7:00 pm
Why shall we go?
For the sake of the Game.

Please join us for some very interesting discussions on “The Musgrave Ritual”

For further information, please contact Fran


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