December 2015 Meeting

Holmes and Watson are back in the rooms at Baker Street chatting at the breakfast table.

They are interrupted by the furious ringing of the bell, a tremendous thumping upon the door followed by a pounding up the stairs and the bursting into the room of “…a wild-eyed and frantic young man, pale, disheveled, and palpitating…”

Who was this man who described himself as “unfortunate”

Our story for discussion is “The Adventure of the Norwood Builder” published in The Strand Magazine in November 1903 and in Collier’s in October 1903.


Meeting: Tuesday, Dec. 1st at 7:00 pm Hampton Place lounge

Answer the following question at the meeting in order to qualify for the evening’s prize draw:

Q:  What was the name of Oldacre’s tailor?


2015 Int’l Pacific West Coast Sherlockian Summit

After crossing the border into the U.S., it took less than an hour to reach our destination – Skagit River Brewing in Mount Vernon, WA.

Once there, the Stormy Petrels were welcomed with open arms by the Sound of the Baskervilles, whose member Al Nelson organized the occasion.

The afternoon began with a game of trying to identify which canonical character you are. This had people mingling and taking to each other, getting to know everyone.

There were five societies represented. The Stormy Petrels (pictured – Krista Lee, Andy, Johnnie)


The Sound of the Baskervilles, and the Vamberry Wine Merchants One of the Portland groups):


The Dogs in the Nighttime (a fairly new group from Anacortes, WA)



Margie Deck and Sheila Holtgrieve (also joined the Petrels) organized a game in the form of a type of Sherlockian-themed “mad-lib” Teams of four tables put their heads together to fill in the blanks of one of the unrecorded cases, and a rep from each team read out the complete story.

DSCN9866 DSCN9972


Thanks to the SoB’s there were many items to give away. From books, to posters, to mugs, to wine glasses, to fridge magnets, to soap, to a very Sherlockian Holiday wreath.

Pictured: Terri Haugen


Hopefully, we can all meet again. The food, the fun, the fellowship! Doesn’t get much better than this!

(Pictured below: Margie Deck, Fran Martin, Mimi Noyes (organizer of Seattle SherlockCon)



The quiet little hamlet of Mount Vernon, Washington will come alive on November 21st when a flock of Stormy Petrels from the north will meet up with members of the Sound of the Baskervilles who will head up from Seattle.

Many thanks to Al Nelson of the SoB’s for arranging this fun adventure!

When: November 21, 2015

Where: The Skagit River Brewery 404 S. 3rd Street

Time: 12:00 – 4:00 pm

You do NOT want to miss what promises to be an awesome adventure!

Mark your calendars and please contact Fran if you need a ride. (Road Trip – don’t forget your passport!)



We are now discussing the final third of “The Hound of the Baskervilles

(chapters 11-15)

Dr. Watson travels to Coombe Tracey to interrogate Laura Lyons.

What do you think of his methods? Was he successful in gaining information from her? What do you think about Mr. Frankland?  Who did he spy with his roof-top telescope?

Dr. Watson finally discovers the identity of the man on the Tor. Who is he and what was Watson’s reaction?


“Evil indeed is the man who has not one woman to mourn him.” Who was Holmes referring to?

We find Lestrade joining Holmes and Watson, who admits: “As long as I have my trousers I have a hip-pocket, and as long as I have my hip-pocket I have something in it.” What question did Holmes ask him to warrant such a response?


(the above is a limited edition drawing by Kathryn White – 1994)

The next meeting of the SPBC will take place at our usual Hampton Place on Tuesday, November 3rd at 7:00pm

The question for the prize draw is:

What did Lestrade bring with him from London that proved helpful to both Sir Henry and Mrs. Stapleton?


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