The Stormy Petrels gather here on this auspicious day

To toast the wisest and the best who brought us all this way.

To Sherlock Holmes we raise a glass and honour him once more,

The head of his profession, on this and every shore!

The stormy Petrels will be celebrating the birthday of the world’s first consulting detective on Saturday, January 3, 2015.

Place: White Spot Restaurant (West Georgia/Cardero location – the fireplace room)

Time: 11:00

Please contact Fran if you would like to join us.

“Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol”

Three Stormy Petrels (Johnnie, Gordon and Fran) embarked on an adventure which took them to a beautiful little theatre in a quaint, picturesque village on Vancouver Island. After a two-hour sail on the ferry and a half-hour drive down the Island Highway, they found themselves in Chemainus.


A lovely buffet lunch had been booked prior to the show.  The piano player was in top form as the three enjoyed their excellent meal. The elegant restaurant was conveniently located in the theatre upstairs.


The three Petrels made their way downstairs to find their seats in the front row. They were in for a real treat! Not sure what to expect when you read that Sherlock Holmes will be visited by three spirits, we were soon transported to the time and place we were hoping for. The set, with its over-sized clocks melting onto the stage, were reflective of the ‘time-warp’. Shadows would often pass over their faces.  The author, John Longenbaugh, has done an excellent job bringing our favourite characters to life.  Allowing us to see them not only in the present, but allowing us to know them in the past. And what could become of them in years to come.

This Petrel was filled with all kinds of emotions. The acting was superb! I was sorry to see it end.

Needless to say, this play comes highly recommended. Definitely worth the day trip to the Island!


December 2014 Meeting

Sherlock Holmes to John Hector McFarlane: “…beyond obvious facts that you are a Freemason…” (Norwood Builder) Watson describing Mr. Baker: “…a dark man with gray-tinted glasses and a large Masonic pin projecting from his tie.” (Retired Colourman) Sherlock Holmes describing Jabez Wilson: “Beyond the obvious facts…that he is a Freemason…” (Red-Headed League)

Have you deduced the topic of December’s presentation paper? The Petrels are honored and pleased to have Mr. Dan Polvere BSI, speak about “Holmes and Freemasonry”.

Was Sherlock Holmes a Freemason? Was Doyle?

Find out more on Tuesday, Dec. 2nd. Time: 7:00 PM Venue: Hampton Place.

* Also note that our Sherlockian Petrel Tree will make an appearance once more, with additional Canonical-themed ornaments.

For more information, please contact Fran at


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