A Visit to The Museum of London

A recent trip to London coincided with a marvelous exhibit at the Museum of London. “Sherlock Holmes – The Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die” is the biggest Sherlockian exhibit to be held in London since 1951.

But the fun began even before entering the building: I had a little trouble deciphering the code on the side of the building, but I eventually got it and obeyed.


I felt it was well worth the price of admission, and the fun continued as I entered into the exhibit through a hidden passageway in a bookcase!


The exhibit began with a wall covered by TV screens showing scenes from the various adaptations of Holmes on film.


An assortment of posters and paintings lined the walls, including original oil paintings depicting Victorian and Edwardian life. One such painting was a view of Charring Cross Bridge by Claude Monet.

Maps of the streets of London were displayed showing routes which Holmes and Watson would have taken while on a case.  Below each map was a video screen showing what that route would look like today.


Most interesting, I noticed Conan Doyle’s own notebook in which he had penned the first lines of “A Study in Scarlet”.  Also on display was the manuscript of Edgar Allan Poe’s “Murder in the Rue Morgue”.


There were many glass cases filled with artifacts relating to Victorian crime detection, and cases filled with items which Holmes and Watson would have made use of.  There was no shortage of memorabilia.


Upon exiting, a short corridor offered a passageway through the “Rheichenbach Falls”. Water thundering down on both sides of you on giant screens as you walk through.

One could spend all day wandering through the exhibit. (not the mention the gift shop on the main floor!)


Unfortunately, the exhibit will end on April 12, 2015, so get packing!

Fran Martin

April 2015 Meeting

After enjoying another successful “Master’s Dinner”, it is time to hit the books again.

DSCN9785 DSCN9790

“You are the stormy petrel of crime, Watson.”

This is one of several memorable quotes riddled throughout the case – “The Naval Treaty“. 

First published in the Strand Magazine in two instalments for the October and November 1893 issues.

Date: Tuesday, April 7th
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Hampton Place

For more info, please contact Fran

The Sherlock Holmes Pub Visit 2015

On my recent excursion to visit the Sherlock Holmes Exhibition in London, I also had the opportunity to meet up with two of my favourite Sherlockians, Roger Johnson and Jean Upton.

We met for a delicious lunch at The Sherlock Holmes Pub on Northumberland Street.  After a tradition “toad in the hole” and a pint of ale, We retreated to the re-constructed sitting room of 221b. Roger is the keeper of the key and caretaker of the room and he and Jean update it when necessary.

Many items on display in the dining room are from the Sherlock Holmes Exhibit which took place in London in 1951.

Catching up with Roger and Jean is always a treat.

I was able to walk through “221b” on Northumberland Street and examine many of the items in the room first-hand. I could have spent hours there. Sitting in Holmes’s comfortable chair beside the fireplace, pulling a book off the shelf and summoning Mrs. Hudson for a cup of tea.

Many thanks to Roger and Jean for a lovely and memorable afternoon in London!


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